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An added layer to

Social Distancing

Wide Open Tee

Is an advanced bi-metric algorithm using A.I to accurately and precisely calculate the effective openness or as we like to say "Bubble", for any given tee time.  In using a display grid comprised of four very distinct color codes, each color represents the speed-play-ability or "bubble size", in real-time forecast. 

The algorithm for which is (patent pending) allows users to search tee time results in two methods:

  1.   Widespread, all courses within 20 mile radius by using a stunning landscape map view.

  2.   Single Course, which gives user the ability to narrow results to a specific course and its entire day.


This intelligent technology was designed to provide golfers a "luxury golf experience" by avoiding the crowded and congested five-hour golf rounds.  Now, with COVID-19 in full force and the social distancing requirements in-place, Wide Open Tee is quickly emerging as the viable solution for mitigating and avoiding crowds of golfers at it's origin of tee time search.

Originally developed over a period of 2.5 years since 2018 by Co-Founders Tyler New and Scot Hunt.

Introduction Commercial


This graphic demonstrates how a green "Wide Open" displays algorithmic-formulated data to suggest a natural "Bubble" is occurring.



This allows golfers to quickly identify which Golf Course, Nearby is showing most Wide Open.  Search filters allow configuring 5 mile, 10 mile, and 20 mile radius', as well as how many course results you would like to see.  i.e. Top Three, Top Five or All Courses.

Nationally Aired TV Commercial on Golf Channel

This commercial is a comical depiction of how groups can easily "bunch up" and create crowded conditions at each tee box, resulting in slower play.

From Download to Booking

This portfolio of screenshots represent the seamless process of signing up, searching, and viewing the tee time results in app.

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