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What is that banner at US Open?

That aerial banner is Wide Open Tee! It's trailing message says; "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" Crowds at Pebble Beach are being introduced to the never before seen Tee Time Technology - Now Available for in-app purchase on App Stores nationwide. The buzz is out, join the movement. Say goodbye to traditional tee time bookings sites, Wide Open Tee is the newest player in advanced tee technology. Search real-time course speeds during your next tee time search!

What is Wide Open Tee?

The World's 1st Golf Experience Tee Time Provider. Powered by GolfNow. Paid subscription allows access to never before seen tee time technology. Now, with the power of Wide Open Tee, golfer's can view their local GolfNow public courses, in REAL-TIME, it's current level of crowdedness.

Who is behind this?

Invented by two golfers in Frisco, TX. Since 2016 the product concept has been evaluated for extensive testing configurations, using bi-metric formulas, backed by A.I. results and has a US Patent Pending. Powered by GolfNow, Wide Open Tee could be the tee time technology of the future. Co-Founders are mentioned in the national press release as Tyler New, CEO and Scot Hunt, COO. The app booking product released on June 14th, 2019.

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